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Our nature trail follows a path through our varied school grounds. You begin by passing through the secret garden gate into the dense spinney. In the spinney you can spot muntjac deer, squirrels, minibeasts and birds. We have lots of nest boxes and feeders. You can also visit our den building area and build using natural resources.



Slideshow Nature Walk


The path leads on through a wildflower meadow. Which wildflowers can you name? Stop at the bird hide. what birds van you spot? Next, pass our oldest tree, an oak, over 100 years old, and on passing our rarest tree, a smooth leaved elm and onto more woodland.

Follow the path further still passing blackberry bushes and an apple tree, over the bridge over the bog garden and climb over the stile. Follow the path on through the orchard, full of native fruit trees.

The path tracks along the hedgerow. High up in the treetops you can often spot a drey.

Over the hill, past the herb garden, past the stage, through the living willow tunnel, passing storytelling zone. Who lives in the little door at the base of the ash tree? On further, passing the teepee and into the living willow dome.

Further still to sculpture zone. What can you make from natural resources? Next you pass the insect hotel. Maybe you could add a rotten log or a bundle of twigs.

Finally wander through the butterfly garden.

What will you notice as you walk the nature trail through the different seasons, in different weather conditions?