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A Moment in Time
Next week sees the long-awaited launch of the ‘A Moment in Time’ project. This is a photography exhibition, involving 24 schools and children's centres across Stevenage, and marks the end of a year of celebrations for the 70th year of Stevenage as a new town.

Your child will be bringing home an invitation for you to join us to visit the exhibition at the Stevenage Museum next week, along with a flyer and a programme giving further information. Please tell your family and friends about it!  We look forward to you joining us for this learning event.

Thank you to Mrs Anderson who has led this important town wide project, collaborating with other local schools.

In the meantime, visit the link below.

A Moment in Time leaves a permanent legacy on the following Flickr link:



Friday 18th September


Walk this way to inspect the site



Progress update



Building starting to take shape - are they windows?



The walls are now higher than us



Thumbs up - good work guys



Back next week for another inspection!


Friday 4th September - Foundations are in

Foundations are in and beam and block floor laid.  This week you will see brick work and block work progressing.



Thursday 9th July - The JCB Arrives

The digger arrives on site with plenty of helpers.




Can we build this?  YES WE CAN!



Friday 17th July - Overnight storm caused flood

Thunder and lightning overnight accompanied torrential rain, flooded our building site.








The Building Site Safety Rap

Building Site Safety Rap

playView Video The Building Site Safety Rap