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A Moment in Time
Next week sees the long-awaited launch of the ‘A Moment in Time’ project. This is a photography exhibition, involving 24 schools and children's centres across Stevenage, and marks the end of a year of celebrations for the 70th year of Stevenage as a new town.

Your child will be bringing home an invitation for you to join us to visit the exhibition at the Stevenage Museum next week, along with a flyer and a programme giving further information. Please tell your family and friends about it!  We look forward to you joining us for this learning event.

Thank you to Mrs Anderson who has led this important town wide project, collaborating with other local schools.

In the meantime, visit the link below.

A Moment in Time leaves a permanent legacy on the following Flickr link:



Wednesday 10th June

Tree was cut down to make way for the new building.


Building Blog

The tree stump is going to be carved into a piece of art that will last for many a year to come.

26th May - Building Work Starts

All containers delivered to site and area fenced off - we are ready to go!





Year 1 Woodland Project

Watch here if you'd like to see our Year 1 Woodland Project.


Living Willow Dome & Tunnel

We now have a living willow dome and tunnel


Woolenwick celebrates Diwali 2013

We had a great time at Diwali this year, if you'd like to see how we celebrated you can watch the video below: