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Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School Phonics Teaching


Teaching across the school follows the Letters and Sounds framework.
In Early Years the Jolly Phonics scheme is used also used to support learning.

Early Years Foundation Stage


Children in Nursery begin Phase 1 phonics during the Autumn term. They learn the Jolly Phonics songs to help them with their initial sounds.
Phase 2 is introduced later in the year at the point at which it is assessed to be appropriate for the current group of children.

In Reception a daily phonics session takes place in class groups and covers Phases 2-4 during the year.
Home/school books support children with learning the sets of “tricky” words that cannot be broken down phonetically.

Key Stage One


In Years 1 and 2 every day starts with a phonics session in class groups.
Year 1 revise the work covered in Reception and start Phase 5 after the first half term break.

Year 2 revise the work of the previous years and then focus on Phase 6. They have also introduced regular Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons into their timetable. From May 2016 children in Year 2 will be required to take a National test that covers these three areas.

Intervention “top up” groups provide additional learning for children who are working below their age appropriate phonics phase.




The school uses the coloured book band system. Our main reading scheme is Oxford ReadingTree, which is complimented by others such as Heinemann Discovery World and Collins BIG CAT.