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At Woolenwick we continue to give high priority in developing our children’s understanding of the world in which they live. The children in the Year Two classes had been learning about space.

Their topic, ‘To infinity and Beyond’ triggered an unexpected invitation and we were ‘Over the moon!’

A group of Year Two children along with Steve Akers, Chair of Governors, Ben Reader, Assistant Headteacher, Tom Robinson, class teacher and myself enjoyed a ‘Meet and Greet’ learning opportunity with Buzz Aldrin.’  

Buzz Aldrin


Yes, the American astronaut alongside Neil Armstrong who made the first moon landings back in 1969! Buzz is now 85 years old but he continues to be truly inspiring, sharing his passion for the wonders of our solar system and the amazing explorations of space.

The children asked questions and chatted with Buzz before having official photographs taken. At the end of the meeting, the children gave Buzz a handmade card. He was delighted stating, ‘It will have a special place in my office.’  I would like to thank Mrs Young, a parent and Business Manager Clinical Science from Roche Pharmaceuticals, for organising this treasured learning experience for the children. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was delighted with the way our children responded.

Well done to all the children for being great ambassadors for our school. It has been a unique learning opportunity, creating memories for our children and adults which will last a lifetime. It was a truly magical experience!

Thank you Buzz, for inspiring us all to ‘Look to the Stars!’

What the children said...:

I liked the outing, because we got to ask Buzz some awesome questions and learn so much about the moon and space. I learned that it would take almost a year to get to Mars. That would be a very, very long journey!

And you wouldn’t be able get back because there wouldn’t be any fuel left in the space rocket to get back!

I think Buzz Aldrin is nice, friendly man to meet, because he likes to laugh a lot!
He said, ‘I didn’t see any aliens . . . well just the other two astronauts!’

I thought that Buzz Aldrin was very nice and kind. He gave his time to listen to us and answer our questions. I liked meeting him. I asked if he thought people would one day go on other planets, make communities and live on them. He said, ‘You never know, maybe one day!’ That’s got me thinking!

I thought he was very funny. He answered our questions making us laugh. I liked his stories. I asked if the space suit was comfortable. He said, ‘Yes, it was quite stretchy!’ He liked the card we made him. It made him smile.

When I met Buzz I felt very happy and excited. And also a little weird because I have never met a real life astronaut before! I asked him, ‘Do aliens exist? He said I don’t know! I have never seen one!

It was a great experience to meet one of the most famous people in the world. I thought he was really interesting and I was really lucky to meet the worlds famous astronaut. I liked asking questions. He was really inspiring. I was really glad to have photo taken with him and I will look after it carefully.

I liked meeting Buzz Aldrin and asking my one of my questions which was . . .
‘Do you know everything about Luna?’ (That’s the moon.) He answered ‘No there’s so much to still know and discover.’

That’s interesting because he is 85 years old and he still has things to learn!