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40th Birthday Treehouse

You will recall The School governors and staff wanted to leave a lasting legacy for the school through raising money for a special birthday present for the children. The children chose a Tree House / outdoor classroom which would be set within our beautiful school grounds. The tree house will be used to complement our outdoor education / Forest Schools programme.       

We launched the fundraising project in the Autumn term knowing from the outset we had set ourselves a steep challenge. I am delighted to report with your continued support, with the variety of activities throughout this year we have together raised £15.000. This is a significant amount towards the project.    I’m delighted to report, the School Governors have agreed to match fund this amount from the school budget and so we now have £30,000. Next week will see the children’s dreams and wishes come true!

We invited 4 different treehouse suppliers into school and shared with them the children’s designs and models. Each company submitted plans for a treehouse incorporating some of the children’s ideas.

At ECO school council, we explained that ‘4 companies had come to look at the children’s plans and models and had produced their designs accordingly’.
The children looked at the various designs. Together, they measured out the spaces for each design outside, in the location where the treehouse will be built. The children voted on their favourite.

We invited local residents to coffee mornings to share the final plans. Hopefully, you had a chance to see them at the school fete. If you would like to see them they are now displayed in the Atelier.

We instructed Infinite Playgrounds to start building the treehouse.

We are all excited, the construction work will start next week!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents, carers, governors, friends of the school and Team Woolenwick for all their help and support throughout this project. In addition, a special thank you to Mrs Christina Anderson who has led on initiative. All the encouragement, suggestions and positivity about our project is appreciated.

Thank you, making our children’s dreams and wishes come true!


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Despite a couple of setbacks and the wet weather Infinite Playgrounds are making good progress in building the Tree House. The children are enjoying meeting the contractors and seeing the Tree House taking shape. How exciting!




We invited official guests and school governors to the opening of the school extension and  outdoor classroom / Tree House. The guests included those who have helped in some way towards the project.

We were pleased to be joined with guests, the Mayor of Stevenage, Councillor John Lloyd and his wife, the Mayoress Councillor Mrs Joan Lloyd for the opening celebration.

The sun was shining, the excitement and the atmosphere was wonderful; it really was a memorable day!

The children have enjoyed the last few days of this term exploring the new outdoor classroom / Tree House. Here’s what the children said,

about the roof . . .


The roof is long and curved. If we didn’t have a roof we would get wet. Maybe when the sun shines onto the roof the colours will come down like a rainbow!   Rawan

I like the colours on the roof!  Daisy    

It looks really colourful. It will make all of us smile because it’s colourful. It looks really fun. I can’t wait to go on it.  Gracie

The colours are going to reflect onto the wooden floor!  Katie

The roof is colourful. Sunshine will go onto it and it will go through it making patterns like disco lights.  Ava

I really like the colours on the roof. It’s colourful. I can see white, purple, red, green and blue. When the sun shines we might see colours on each other.  We might get them on us!  Elsie

about the slide . . .


This slide is better than the one I have at home. This one 3 people can hold hands and go down it together. It is VERY, VERY GOOD!   Tyler

It’s just like my tree house model. I put a slide so that a friend could push you down.  Gracie

The slide is all silvery and shiny!   Lily Mae And we can slide very fast!  Saskia

It is beautiful. I like the slide you get to sit down with your friend, me and Rishita together.  Jessica        


The slide looks good for everyone to slide on.   Ralph

about the platforms, stairs, wooden ladder and rope ladder . . .


There are four ways to go up! Casey

We can climb up the wooden ladder or the climbing rope or the climbing wall or the easy way step up on the stairs.  Sam

I had a rope ladder in my model tree house and this one is just like mine.   Daisy

The bridge goes from one end to the other, little to BIG!  Jacob

TWO tree houses! One is lower than the other and the trees go through!  Charlie