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Celebrating Beatrix Potter, World Animal and Habitat Day

Life at Woolenwick Infant and Nursery school continues to be very busy with so many learning events!

As you know this year we celebrate the school’s 40th birthday. As part of our learning we have been looking at what was here before the school was built. We have found out that the land was used for grazing sheep. ‘Woolenwick’ has come from a Saxon word meaning ‘Wool farm’. With this is mind the children asked if we could visit a farm as a school trip. However, rather than put the rather large expense of such an outing on our families we have found a farm that can come to us!


We ended the week with a visit from ARK FARM. The children gained first-hand experience on many exciting things including caring for livestock, making wool and much more! The children also had a chance to pet the animals, including their favourite the sheep and the lamb! It was certainly an exciting, sensory learning experience!

The children enjoyed learning about Beatrix Potter and celebrating World Animal and Habitat Day. We were joined in assembly with some very small, friendly and furry guests!  Thank you to Charlotte’s mum who visited with their pets, Alfie the chinchilla and Ginger, Miss Fluffy Pants and Beanie, the three guinea pigs, making it quite a memorable assembly!

Ark Farm


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Pets in School


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Beatrix Potter Story trail