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Mondrian Wall - History in the Making

Thank you to everyone who attended the unveiling of the Mondrian inspired façade on the new extension. We were delighted that the Mayor of Stevenage, Councillor John Lloyd attended, unveiling the façade.


The unveiling was a very exciting moment for the children, the design was a culmination of a year- long project on the artist Piet Mondrian. As an ‘ArtsMark Gold’ school we believe our children all artists in their own right and now their creativity stands proudly on the front entrance!

It all began with the children being inspired by Stevenage New Town’s 70th birthday and the Mondrian style architecture in the town centre. Taking inspiration from the town in which the children live we have created something very unique for our school’s 40th birthday.

The façade was installed by Hertford based MitreCladding, a company close to the school’s heart as both Dan Warren and Michael Simpson attended Woolenwick Infants as children themselves.

The sun was shining, the excitement and the atmosphere was wonderful; it really was a memorable afternoon!


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Our children’s views about the new look to our school:

When I walk down the path and I see the wall it makes me happy and I smile! It looks really fun. Gracie

I like the colours they’re all my favourite colours! I remember using the small tiles and choosing colours. We had so much fun! Sasha

It is really colourful and it reminds of Mondrian and our school’s birthday. No one else will have something more beautiful than this on their school.  George

The Mondrian is colourful. It makes me want to draw and paint using colours. Rishita

It’s like having two rainbows on our school wall. Olivier

Everyday when I see it is makes me smile. It is special! Dan

It’s so nice to have lots of colours on our new building. It was exciting to see the Mayor reveal the colourful Mondrian. It was a good idea to sponsor a tile and be part of making history. Charlotte. H

It’s been a very long project but a fun one. We knew we wanted something special outside the entrance and it is really suitable for our school because it’s like you are entering a world of Mondrian. It’s just AMAZING!    I think it makes our school a happy place to be. Charlotte T

I liked learning all about Mondrian. I like the green and pink tiles. My mum really loves it. Sophie

It would have been boring to have a plain building and the Mondrian wall is really good. The wall looks fun just like this school is a fun place to be. Taran

When I walk past I remember all the learning we did about Mondrian. I think it’s really colourful. Oliver

When I walk past it looks really smart and when other people walk past they will want to come in and see it. The colourful patterns are great. We made our own art! Cameron

The builders must have been so busy over the holidays fixing it. It was good idea to cover it up and then have a surprise! I love it! Finley

I liked the Mondrian. It’s nice and colourful. Every day when I walk to school I like looking at it. Mondrian is my favourite artist because he made wonderful artistic pictures.  Lottie

I liked it when the Mayor unveiled it because it gives our school a special look. I liked it how all of our school made the art work and put the colours together. Rosie

I liked the Mondrian tiles. They are good. I liked learning about his art and making my own art. Roman

I liked learning about Mondrian and finding out that there was Mondrian art in the town centre.  Fletcher

There are so many colours – dark colours, light colours. I liked learning about Mondrian. Mondrian was a Dutch artist. And I go to Holland because I have family there. When we go I see lots of buildings with Mondrian on them, like our school. Grace Questo

It is really colourful and it reminds of Mondrian and our school’s birthday. No one else will have something more beautiful than this on their school.  George

I cheered when I saw it for the first time. It made me feel happy. I love the colours and it looks so beautiful Roman M