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MISSING Mondrian

At Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School we value what our children say, their views. It is an important aspect of the children's PSCHE learning to find appropriate ways to make their voice heard on issues that matter to them. It links with our commitment and practice to reinforcing ‘British Values’ where we teach children about democracy.

Last week, the children in the ECO School Council visited Stevenage Indoor Market to show some of their creative learning around Mondrian and to ask the stall holders their opinions about the new market sign and the old one, which was in the style of Mondrian. The Mondrian sign is hiding underneath the new branding sign. The children explained to the stall holders that it would be a dream come true to see the Mondrian sign unveiled.

David, on the vacuum cleaner stand, who has been involved with the rebranding of the sign, said that he thought it would be possible to reach a compromise and display a new Mondrian sign alongside a third, planned indoor market sign on the side of the multi storey car park, facing the dual carriageway. Take a look at the photos below.

Next week, the ECO School Council will be visiting the Stevenage Borough Council offices in the town centre to meet with several of the local councillors.  The children will share their dream to unveil the missing Mondrian and share the stall holders' ideas too. Wish us luck!

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