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Children’s Author James Mayhew Visits

The visit by James Mayhew was inspiring. James visited the school almost at the end of our learning project. By the time he visited the children had been immersed in his work for almost three weeks.

Each class had created an art installation based on one of his books. The children and staff even dressed up as characters from his books. The children looked forward to his visit. We had prepared the children well, allowing deeper reflection and thought.

When he did finally visit, he did not disappoint! The children were fascinated with his storytelling and painting to classical music. His visit became the ‘springboard’ for further learning; exploring the relationship between music and storytelling. Back in the classrooms and at home the children listened to a range of music. They used a range of media to create their own responses to musical pieces heard through storytelling and painting.

See James’ Blog article ‘ Wonderful Woolenwick ’ :


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